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    Can access Website by localhost but not by IP Address Link to this post

    I have just migrated a website that was hosted on a LAMP Server. I have now moved it to IIS7.5.

    I can open the website without any problems on the web server by typing in but I cannot access the website from any other computer on the network or from the webserver by typing in the IP address of the webserver.

    When I attempt to connect on anything other than localhost or I get Fatal Error: Allowed Memory Size Exhausted.

    I have already bumped the memory limits and execution times up, this is not the issue, it will literally use the full memory then just give the error again.

    Anyone know where I can start looking to track down this issue?

    I have used both Joomla and Wordpress in the past so I am familiar with CMSs but this is my first run-in with Silverstripe.


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