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  • dbenton
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    Strange behavior in CMS left column - ajax issue? Link to this post


    I'm experiencing some weird behavior, and I've run out of debugging avenues. I'm hoping someone that knows the CMS well can offer some guidance. Steps to reproduce:

    • Fresh install of Silverstripe 2.4.7 (no modules, rm -rf temp files)
    • Log in and open CMS
    • Click on any page in left column
    • Spinner appears in left column and "Loading..." appears to the left of the publish buttons, but content never loads
    • On reloading the page, the editor for the page that I clicked on loads, but I am still unable to navigate to other pages.

    I have installed Silverstripe on this host numerous times without this issue. I can copy the files and database and the installation runs correctly on my local machine. On clicking the page in Left, console says 'Refused to set unsafe header "Connection"'. I'm using Chrome 19. I looked up that issue in relation to Silverstripe, but didn't find a solution.

    Any ideas?


  • dbenton
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    22 Posts

    Re: Strange behavior in CMS left column - ajax issue? Link to this post

    Upgrading from PHP version 5.2 to 5.3 seems to have solved this problem.

    Included in case someone else is Googling similar or related issues: Before upgrading PHP, I also experienced what looked like growing top and bottom borders on the currently selected page in the left column tree view. After inspection, the growing borders turned out to be perpetually nesting spans (being added by a script), each with a 1px top and bottom border.

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