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Getting SilverStripe up and running on your computer and on your web server.

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  • Jel
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    Main Site Title Link to this post


    I'm a complete novice trying to get to grips with my new onesuffolk website.

    Does anyone know how to edit the main site title section, e.g. change background colour (I would like dark blue) and moving the logo to the right instead of the left?

    I can't seem to find any information anywhere!!

    Many thanks,

  • novaweb
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    Re: Main Site Title Link to this post

    Hi Jel,

    SilverStripe is not really intended for complete novices. In order to use SilverStripe you should know some basic HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and a bit of Javascript.

    To do the changes you're requesting, you need to know HTML and CSS. Here are some links to get you started:


    Best of luck.

  • jbridson
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    Re: Main Site Title Link to this post

    Hi Jel,

    What version on SilverStripe are you using? Is it 3.0?
    If it is you can change the main site title in the settings tab in the CMS.

    To change background colour and position of the logo you will need to have some knowledge of HTML and CSS so that you can go into the Theme and edit the position and colour in there.

    There is some information on editing/developing your own SS theme here: http://doc.silverstripe.org/framework/en/topics/theme-development

    I hope this helps,


  • swaiba
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    Re: Main Site Title Link to this post

    *moved to general*

    I can't seem to find any information anywhere!!

    Well you wouldn't find int he installation section - plus your website is *already* installed! Please post in as correct location as possible

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