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Installing SilverStripe

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Getting SilverStripe up and running on your computer and on your web server.

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    simple TUTORIAL INSTALL SS 3.0.5 CMS to a FTP Link to this post

    unzip SS CMS add files to server, LOOK AT PICS IN THIS POST FOR EXAMPLES
    i enabled sql data base created, need to do that before adding the cms files
    the last screen shot shows the validate jquery folder as i had probbs with that before that's how it should look to make the cms work properly! and Note when you install the cms after uploading it to your host aka server if you get a error while installing or after installing then refresh the page , the page after install should be yoursitename/install.php.
    if you dont have a empty folder called public_html on your server domain files list make one or u cant install ss

    Should be: for example http://yoursite/public_html/install.php (e.g. http://mysite.com/silverstripe-folder/install.php)

    i installed to www.s-z1.com NOTE that if you are going to have alot of traffic or even medium traffic you will prob want to upgrade your package as they provide low memory for free users, i am just using my site to refer face to face and phone call customers so wont be needing to upgrade thankfully, and note that hardly any free hosts are compatible with silverstripe.

    some more info before i figured all this out
    member devlin was very helpful but i was still quite confused so i wrote this tutorial for other people like me who are not as advanced as devlin ^_^

    ALSO READ THIS! most likely you will get a error when you login into your site so make sure you add
    To set your site to dev mode set this in your mysite/_config.php file


    then you can login and edit your site save and publish and it appears on your live page : ) thats everything now and all sorted with this simple tutorial anyone should be able to use 3.0.5 ss with ease, i added a pic of the config setup were i added advanced text mode too so you can make text size change and colors have a look , note: right click config file in home folder and edit with notepad++ google notepad++ download it and select open with notepad++ located in your prgrams files folder on c drivve etc then add the lines of code you can see in the picture i have added.
    I hope i have saved you the frustration i had to go through and made it as simple and basic as possible for all the people who are not as advanced as most in this forum.

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