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Installing SilverStripe

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Getting SilverStripe up and running on your computer and on your web server.

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  • mikeshow
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    Re: SS3 install: No theme, Very slow Link to this post

    Hi Camfindlay,

    Thanks for the answer but, as I told Sean, I moved on.

    I started my journey in the php world six months ago. Once I had configured my machine so that Php, MySql and IIS work together. I started with Wordpress. It worked instantly. Wordpress didn't fit, so I continued my quest. Long story short, I tried Concrete5, Symfony, SilverStripe, Phpixie, CodeIgniter, Kohana, Laravel, amongst others.

    Most of them worked instantly. I was up and running with CodeIgniter, Kohana, Laravel literally in 10 minutes, and completed the tutorials in 2 to 4 hours.

    It's been 15 days since I posted my need for help, and no one is able to tell me why I can't have the same experience with SilverStripe as with others which run instantly.

    I have wasted far too much time with SS than I should have. If it doesn't work immediately, it means it's not well written, not worth it. I don't see why it should be painfull just to make it work. Why would I have to install it on a virtual box when others simply work.


  • rork
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    Re: SS3 install: No theme, Very slow Link to this post

    I have the same problem as mikeshow. I installed latest SS Framework with CMS on Wampserver 2.4. Installation was successfull (there were two warning about tidy and displaing error - i enabled tidy in wampserver). I tried with localhost and on Firefox and Opera.
    I have few dirs in C:windows\temp - silverstripe-cache, silverstripe-cacheC--wamp-www and silverstripe-cacheC--wamp-www-ss. They are filled cached files.
    I hadn't probem with previous release - 3.0.6. I count on you becouse SStripe is in my opinion the best (and i know what i am saying becouse i try almost everyone cms and framework ;)

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