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Installing SilverStripe

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Getting SilverStripe up and running on your computer and on your web server.

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  • sgesub
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    installation problem : sapphire/core/model/Database.php on line 431 Link to this post

    Hey everyone,

    Tried install, but always run into this error. Here's what I did.

    1) download the 2.2.3 tar, uploaded to hosting (a virtual slice), untar to /public_html/[my site name]/public_html/sgdcsite4/silverstripe-v2.2.3

    2) created MySql database

    3) launched install.php, provided MySql connection (db name, user, pw, localhost), checked and the connection is working. Proceeded with installation.

    The install quit very quickly. Below is the msg:


    Installing SilverStripe...

    I am now running through the installation steps (this should take about 30 seconds)

    If you receive a fatal error, refresh this page to continue the installation
    # Creating 'mysite/_config.php'...
    # Creating /home/[my site name]/public_html/sgdcsite4/silverstripe-v2.2.3/mysite/_config.php
    # Creating '.htaccess' file...
    # Creating /home/[my site name]/public_html/sgdcsite4/silverstripe-v2.2.3/.htaccess
    # Building database schema...

    Fatal error: DATABASE ERROR: Couldn't connect to MySQL database in /home/[my site name]/public_html/sgdcsite4/silverstripe-v2.2.3/sapphire/core/model/Database.php on line 431


    I checked /mysite/_config.php, database connection is the right one.



    global $project;
    $project = 'mysite';

    global $databaseConfig;
    $databaseConfig = array(
       "type" => "MySQLDatabase",
       "server" => "localhost",
       "username" => "[right user name]",
       "password" => "[right pw]",
       "database" => "[right db name]",

    // Sites running on the following servers will be
    // run in development mode. See
    // http://doc.silverstripe.com/doku.php?id=devmode
    // for a description of what dev mode does.

    // This line set's the current theme. More themes can be
    // downloaded from http://www.silverstripe.com/cms-themes-and-skin



    DOES ANYONE have any pointers for me?


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