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    Strange error in SSView.php Link to this post


    I have installed SS a lot of times and it has always worked without problems. But last week I tried to install SS 2.2.3 (fresh download from this site) on a new host (PHP Version 5.1.6) I got blank pages after I had passed the Install steps.
    Tried flushing and everything I could think of Then I went into dev mode and saw the error. It complied about a missing parenthesis in SSView.php on line 305 (I think it was).
    Orginal file:

          $content = ereg_replace('<' . '% +sprintf\(_t\((\'([^\']*)\'|"([^"]*)")(([^)]|\)[^ ]|\) +[^% ])*)\),\<\?= +([^\?]*) +\?\>) +%' . '>', '<?= sprintf(_t(\''. $path[1] . '.\\2\\3\'\\4),\\6) ?>', $content);   

    I replaced it with:

          $content = ereg_replace('<' . '% +sprintf\(_t\((\'([^\']*)\'|"([^"]*)")(([^)]|\)[^ ]|\) +[^% ])*)\),\<\?= +([^\?]*) +\?\>\) +%' . '>', '<?= sprintf(_t(\''. $path[1] . '.\\2\\3\'\\4),\\6) ?>', $content);

    All I did was changing a ')' to '\)' and it worked.
    Is this correct from the beginning or is it my version of PHP that has some bug in the ereg functions?

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