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  • banal
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    Re: HTML editor changes my code Link to this post

    @borriej Ouch! That code really makes me cringe. Why would you add stuff like this to a div, where you could simply use regular <a> tags that do the same by design? There are so many arguments against stuff like this... what about SEO for a start? Search engines won't follow links that are triggered via script.

  • CaptainParty
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    Re: HTML editor changes my code Link to this post

    This is a VERY VERY frustrating feature of the HTML editor. It should have at least a simple check box that you could turn off. If your in the back end of a website like this, you probs have a decent idea of how to code.

    I am simply trying to embed some 2x youtube and 2x vimeo links in separate iframes but it keeps changing the tags to random shiz and wrecking the site (but only when i save and publish, looks fine in the content window after i click insert <sarcasm font>Which is another fantastic feature!!</font>

    Is there a way of stoping this noob editor changing my code?

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