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Getting SilverStripe up and running on your computer and on your web server.

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    Installation fatal errors Link to this post

    I notice many of you have had issues with installation and more importantly, no one seems bothered to help.

    Pissed me off too. 2 hours later I just gave up. Sounds like a great CMS but if it won't install whats the point?? My time is just too valuable to keep messing about with badly written code. I did discover one thing which may help. All my fatal install errors came from files and or directories that the install feature could not find even though they were in fact there. I discovered a simple anomoly. The install was looking for Core.php with a capital 'C'. On my server it s core.php with a small 'c'. I made some changes to the install.php file to de-capitalise the filenames and it gto a bit further andf then a bit further. My issue? Well, I have no idea how many files are calling up other files with filenames capitalised so after 2 hours of trying to fix the thing I gave up. On my server at www.servage.net it ONLY uploads all filenames in lowercase no matter what you try and do with ftp - so there is a big issue it seems when the install setup is looking for capitalised filenames and there are none on my server!! I proved this by changing them line by line and then getting new errors as I went along - always for the same reason.

    Not wanting to re-code the entire package I gave up. I did wonder if any of you guys were inadvertantly suffering the same issue and did not know it

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