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  • pxlpshr
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    2.3.1 + Tiny MCE Woes Link to this post

    Tiny MCE drives me freaking crazy. It's a love/hate relationship because sometimes I really like it, sometimes I wish it was it would die a slow death.

    After upgrading to 2.3.1, no matter which browser I use all of them are automatically wrapping my content with a PARAGRAPH tag and I really don't want this to happen, it's creating white space that's breaking our design.

    How in the F--- can I turn off TinyMCE's auto-formating and stripping stuff. I really don't want it to touch any tweaks I correct by hand.


  • Sigurd
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    Re: 2.3.1 + Tiny MCE Woes Link to this post

    Feel free to ask the question over in Moxiecode-land and then post the answer back here

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