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    Error in Files & Images under Opera . Link to this post

    Hello everybody.

    I've got the newest installation of SS (2.3.1) . In Files & Images section , under Opera 9.64 i discover some errors and I don't know, how to get rid of it. I've attached file with this error. It's looks like that:

    Error in LeftAndMain_right.js CMSForm.loadNewPage: Statement on line 438: Cannot convert undefined or null to Object Backtrace: Line 438 of linked script http://xxx/assets/leftandmain.js?m=1239972166 allIframes=this.getElementsByTagName('iframe');if(allIframes)for(i=0;i<allIframes.length;i++){try{allIframes.contentWindow.location.href=allIframes.src;}catch(er){alert('Error in LeftAndMain_right.js CMSForm.loadNewPage: '+er.message);}} Line 451 of linked script http://xxx/assets/leftandmain.js?m=1239972166 document.body.style.cursor='wait';this.loadNewPage(response.responseText);var subform;if(subform=$('Form_MemberForm'))subform.close();if(subform=$('Form_SubForm'))subform.close();if(this.elements.ID){this.notify('PageLoaded',this.elements.ID.value);} Line 450 of linked script http://xxx/assets/leftandmain.js?m=1239972166 function(response){$('Form_EditForm').successfullyReceivedPage(response,id);} Line 67 of linked script http://xxx/assets/base.js?m=1239972163 if(prototypeAjax.options){(prototypeAjax.options['on'+status]||prototypeAjax.options['on'+(prototypeAjax.responseIsSuccess()?'Success':'Failure')]||Prototype.emptyFunction)(transport,json);} Line 687 of linked script http://xxx/assets/base.js?m=1239972163: In function processOnDemandHeaders if(newIncludes.length>0){for(i=0;i<jsIncludes.length;i++){jQuery.requireJs(jsIncludes,(i==jsIncludes.length-1)?function(){_ondemandComplete(xml);}:null);}}else{_ondemandComplete(xml,status);}} Line 684 of linked script http://xxx/assets/base.js?m=1239972163: In function prototypeOnDemandHandler function prototypeOnDemandHandler(xml,callback){processOnDemandHeaders(xml,callback);} Line 70 of linked script http://xxx/assets/base.js?m=1239972163 if(typeof prototypeOnDemandHandler!='undefined'){prototypeOnDemandHandler(this.transport,completeHandler);}else{completeHandler();}} Line 66 of linked script http://xxx/assets/base.js?m=1239972163 this.respondToReadyState(this.transport.readyState);} ... Line 29 of linked script http://xxx/assets/base.js?m=1239972163 function(){return __method.apply(object,arguments);} ...

    Besides of that, i had another error in Unused Files tab. When i leave empty field in search input, I'll receive error like:

    Fatal error: Method name must be a string in /home/users/xxx/public_html/silverstripe/sapphire/forms/Form.php on line 232

    Do you know, there is any patches to fix this problem? I've tried to change patched Folder class, but it didn't work.

    PS: When I open Files & Images under IE 6 and 7, I also got some Javascript erors. I suppose, this is connected

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