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Getting SilverStripe up and running on your computer and on your web server.

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  • GreenGecko
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    be gentle, I don't use windows normally... Link to this post

    First up, I'm really impressed with your product, and I've got it up and running, and I'm developing happily on my linux servers. However, I'm trying to convert a windows user to ss, and I really am having some problems ingetting it up and running.

    The platform is a newly installed XP Pro SP3, which has upgraded itself to Exploder 8 by the look of it. I installed MySQL 5.1.x, php 5.2.9-2, and then silverlight through a mixture of going to websites and using the Web Platform Installe. After fixing the documented bug, I got it to install, but the home page, after selecting the black candy theme install, looks about as basic as basic can be: black text on white background.

    Looking at the page code, I see loads of js in there, and my first query is how do I check that java support is set up? Secondly, I get the feeling that the stuff that is in .htaccess isn't being honoured either, as the page http://localhost/silverstripe/index.php/about-us/ is not found. I've tried ff as well, and there's just nothing working...

    Would it be best to scrap IIS etc, and use a WAMP based install???



  • Aram
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    Re: be gentle, I don't use windows normally... Link to this post

    Hi Steve

    I would just install WAMP if I were you, never had a problem using SS on it

    Also all modern browsers (including IE6) have javascript support by default, you would have to disable it for it to stop working.

    In this case it sounds like the css files are not being loaded, so it might be worth checking that everything is as it should be in the themes/blackcandy/css and that they are being required by themes/blackcandy/templates/Page.ss inside the <head> tag.

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