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Installing SilverStripe

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Getting SilverStripe up and running on your computer and on your web server.

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  • Gravitational FX
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    Re: Installation stops at "PHP 5 is required" Link to this post

    Well, in my case it was the Fast CGI that fasthosts.co.uk use.

    I finally got them to look at the .htaccess rewrite requirements for SilverStripe and they admitted that their system only allows simple .htaccess commands.

    They basically can't support SilverStrip, joomla, wordpress or anything else that requires rewrites, so I'm guessing in my case that the install crashed out and incorrectly reported the PHP 5 required message.

    Moved to another hosting company that doesn't use Fast CGI - works a treat now!

    I guess I need to be carefull when customers already have a hosting plan to check that their system will indeed support the proposed CMS, although I was pretty surprised that with fasthosts claiming to be the UK's #1 ISP, they don't support pretty much 99% of all the current web design packages.

    Hey ho.

  • PentaMedia.biz
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    Re: Installation stops at "PHP 5 is required" Link to this post


    My installation also stops at PHP 5 is required and my host use:
    IIS 6
    PHP 5
    MySQL 5

    Could IIS be the problem and anyone know how to solve this?


  • supermegaultra
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    Re: Installation stops at "PHP 5 is required" Link to this post

    Like most of you, I have the same issue..

    Although I think the main problem I have is that my client wants his new website hosted with Telecom. Ohh dear..

    ..Anyway, all the hosting requirements were met except for the mod_rewrite nonsence.

    I'm getting Telescum to look into adding the URL Rewrite Module for me now which hopefully should fix this issue.

    I'll let you know how it goes!

  • SnowBoarder82
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    Re: Installation stops at "PHP 5 is required" Link to this post

    Hi Supermegaultra,

    I noticed your post while searching the forum about Telecom's hosting. I have a client who also wants to use Telecom and have run into the same hurdle with mod_rewrite not being enabled. So far the support crew from Telecom has not been much help. I was hoping that you could share if and how you were able to resolve this with Telecom...

    Thank you,

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