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  • bebabeba
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    Newsletter: error in istallation Link to this post

    <br >I install newsletter. I download newsletter module and user defined form module.
    <br >In the cms menu (at the top, near Site Content, File & Images, Comments, Security, ..) I see Newsletter voice. When I click over this voice I can't enter. I see this message:
    Class 'HtmlEditorConfig' not found in E:\_projects\sstest\newsletter\code\NewsletterAdmin.php on line 70

    I correct code and in NewsletterAdmin.php I write:

    if(!Director::is_ajax()) {
             Requirements::javascriptTemplate("jspart/tiny_mce2/tiny_mce_src.js", array(
                "ContentCSS" => project() . "/css/editor.css",
                "BaseURL" => Director::absoluteBaseURL(),
                "Lang" => i18n::get_tinymce_lang()
    but i have an other error: Call to a member function Members() on a non-object in E:\_projects\sstest\cms\code\MemberTableField.php on line 365

    Help!! thanks!

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