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  • lepidopteran
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    How to checkout nestedurls branch Link to this post

    Dear forum!

    I'd like to try the silverstripe branch "nestedurls". But I'm stuck right at the begining. Can you help me?

    1) How to download? SVN would be welcome but I have no idea how? As I can see there's more than one subdirectory "nestedurls" e.g. in cms and sapphire. If I checkout in root dir I would load all modules but all I want is a basic set like in the download file including the installer.

    2) Btw how recent is this branch? Is it comparable to 2.3.2 or is it like 2.4 very alpha?

    Thanks in advance.

  • lepidopteran
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    Re: How to checkout nestedurls branch Link to this post

    regarding 1)

    Wasn't to hard... This will create a default installation with nested URLs:

    # svn co http://svn.silverstripe.com/open/phpinstaller/branches/nestedurls/

    Sorry for the noise. Although I just got it by trial and error. Seems like phpinstaller brings the needed modules with it.

    Question 2) is still relevant. How recent is this branch?!

  • JoshuaLewis
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    Re: How to checkout nestedurls branch Link to this post

    I asked ajshort (the module's maintainer) about NestedURLs about a week and a half ago in IRC.

    Here's a copy of the log.
    01[01:25] <joshual> ajshort: Being the maintainer, Do you have any caveats or advice for working with the nestedurls branch? I've just started looking into it and haven't been finding much info.
    [01:25] <ajshort> sure
    [01:26] <ajshort> 1) use the github version - i stopped developing in svn a while ago
    [01:26] <ajshort> 2) alot of code uses $page->URLSegment to generate links, instead you should use $page->Link() or $page->RelativeLink(), $page->ElementName() for a CSS identifier
    [01:27] <ajshort> yeah i havent written much documentation for it since its largely been a behind the scenes thing (i think)
    [01:27] <ajshort> although merge back should be fairly soon
    [01:27] <stuckinrealtime> joshual: I've got several projects deployed which use ajshorts wonderful magic. all i can say is works great!
    01[01:28] <joshual> Thanks, without knowing number 1 in particular I would have been in for some trouble.
    [01:28] <ajshort> heh
    [01:28] <ajshort> github.com/ajshort/sapphire and github.com/ajshort/jsparty

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