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  • senfman
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    Overriding of template Files not working Link to this post

    Hi Guys,

    The Overriding of template Files seems to be not working for me.

    On my Silverstripe Installation I created an own template and was trying to override it by more specific code in the mysite/templates directory.

    The strange thing was, that Silverstripe started to use the Page.ss from mysite/templates only after I deleted the Page.ss in the themes/themename/templates directory. This should actually be the other way around, shouldn't it? (For your background information: I use SilverStripe 2.3.3 on KUbuntu 9.04). Is there a way to (at least) debug this?


  • baba-papa
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    Re: Overriding of template Files not working Link to this post

    After changing any template code or markup you must flush the templatecache be appending ?flush=all to your url.

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