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  • websage
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    Install of SilverStripe 2.3.3 won't work Link to this post

    Hi, I am in need of help or if nobody can give help then I hope it's being considered as a bug report.

    I tried to install SS 2.3.3 on my Strato VServer. I already have a working installation of SS 2.3.2 on
    the same server. And I am operating another with SS 2.3.2 on another Hosting.
    However, I didn't manage to get the latest release working.

    The install sheet shows ok on every subject. Once I click install I it redirects me to the install
    status screen informing me it will take round 30 seconds. Well, I have waited for 5 minutes. No reaction.

    I can't access index.php afterwards, nor does the install.php page show up correctly. Meaning all
    variables are output by print_r() as it seems.

    I tried to repeat the installation with a completely new upload. Same thing.
    After working on this for 3 hours I lost my patience and used another CMS.

    I think the SS community should consider to enforce testing before releasing a new
    client too quickly.

    If anyone has had the same issues and managed to get it working I would be happy to exchange



  • WorkingSolution
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    Re: Install of SilverStripe 2.3.3 won't work Link to this post

    Set the .htacess file on chmod 777 while installation and it will work.

    But your webhoster has often low RAM/bandwith on vserver (shared hosts). Had a lot of trouble with while using:
    - many read/write processes to mysql
    - frequented websites
    - gameservers
    - some people report a lot of perfomance-problems using wordpress
    - myself had probs some customers webspace on same hoster using smarty with cache on(yes - you config a solutions for more performance and get minor)

    Maybe it will help ( on other cms systems too) to limit RAM (ini_set('memory_limit','32M') and high up the server-timeout.
    Your hoster tells in advertising X-Bandwith, but don't tell you that the bandwith ist shared between a lot of vservers.

    So the 2.3.3 version works proper on 1und1, server4you, hetzner and so on ( I think u are from germany when using strato).

  • websage
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    Re: Install of SilverStripe 2.3.3 won't work Link to this post

    Hi WorkingSolution,

    Thanks for your reply.

    - I had set file permissions to 777 (SS install-script also reported everything with green color)
    - I changed to a bigger VServer with 1GB guaranteed RAM, it's still only site I am operating on this server, with almost no traffic
    so I don't think it maybe the problem.
    - about the Gameserver ( I would not even dare to put this on a Vserver ;-) )
    - RAM limit shouldn't be an issue as the Server guarantees 1 GB

    I will have another look at the logs.


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