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Getting SilverStripe up and running on your computer and on your web server.

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  • Ryanking32
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    Help Link to this post

    I am having trouble installing the silverstripe and I have an error http://hackerzneeds.limewebs.com/dev/build?returnURL= I have my server info if anyone wants it so you guys can help me.

  • OwenW
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    Re: Help Link to this post

    Hi Ryanking32

    I just had a look at your link, and I am certainly getting an error back from Silverstripe on the URL.

    When you installed Silverstripe, did the installation process complete correctly? It almost looks like you have a DB connection issue, but I cant get any further information out of the system from here.

    What my be worthwhile to do, is to try to connect to silverstripe on the development URL, and pass a "?isDev=1" to silverstripe to see what additional information you get out of the error.

    Finally, it may be useful to know what OS, DB and webserver combination you are running.


  • Willr
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    Re: Help Link to this post

    Looking at it in ?isDev=1 mode - looks like you are running the site in Live mode but your database hasn't been setup correctly. You could try putting the site into dev mode (by adding Director::set_environment_type("dev") in your mysite/_config.php file) and then trying to run dev/build again.

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