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Installing SilverStripe

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Getting SilverStripe up and running on your computer and on your web server.

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  • lise
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    Install stops/fails while "Testing..." with no Error message Link to this post


    I have found a lot of posts reporting a similar problem but none with a solution which works in my case.

    SilverStripe Version V2.3.3 installed on a server in a shared environment. (i.e hosted by HostMySite)

    Note that I managed to install SilverStripe on my local machine but need to have it running on a live server.

    The install script passes the requirement (with a warning on the 48M memory limit for PHP )
    When I click "Install SilverStripe" , I get succesful messages until "Testing" :


    # Creating 'mysite/_config.php'...
    # Creating /vservers/lisianne/htdocs/SilverStripe/mysite/_config.php
    # Creating '.htaccess' file...
    # Creating /vservers/lisianne/htdocs/SilverStripe/.htaccess
    # Building database schema...
    # Checking that friendly URLs work...
    # Testing...

    And then it stops ...no error message displayed.

    If I try to run SilverStripe, I get the famous 500 Internal Error .

    I tried to re-run the install (after cleaning-up the .htaccess file) and the exact same thing occurs.

    Any help woudl be highly appreciated. I woudl be more than happy to provide more info if you tell me what to look for.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Ramon
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    Re: Install stops/fails while "Testing..." with no Error message Link to this post

    Hi Lise,

    since you are on a shared hosting environment, it is likely that url rewriting is not allowed. Contact your hoster and make sure that url rewriting is possible.

    Another idea would be to check the php log or apache error log for more information, but I am not sure if you can access them in a shared hosting environment.

    Best regards

  • lise
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    Re: Install stops/fails while "Testing..." with no Error message Link to this post

    Thanks Ramon.

    The problem has been fixed by my web hosting (HostMySite.com) and yes, it was related to mod_rewrite.
    Hopefully the details below will be a bit of help for all the other members/users who seem to have a similar problem:

    This is what the support engineer at HostMySite wrote about the Apache configuration :

    There are certain directives that have to be setup directly on our server, such as that Limit directive. Here is how we have setup the mod_rewrite configuration for your site:

    # BEGIN mod_rewrite configuration
    <Directory "/vservers/lisianne/htdocs">
    Options +FollowSymLinks
    AllowOverride AuthConfig FileInfo Limit

    It seems that looking at the .htaccess file created by the install script helped them figuring out what the problem was. You may want to point to this file too when you report the problem to your web hosting company.

    Hope this helps.
    Regards .

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