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Maintainer(s): joaopauloreisalves


A blue theme inspired on the Apple universe.

Originally created by N.Design Studio ( http://www.ndesign-studio.com/ ) and adapted to the SilverStripe CMS by João Paulo Alves as part of GHOP contest.

Compatible with the e-commerce, forum, blog, gallery and maps modules.

Special Bonus: Drag-and-Drop functionality available on the blog module!
Rearrange the sidebar widgets as you wish or collapse the ones you don't need.

Special note: On the gallery module, please set Media Files Per Line to 5 on the CMS, otherwise the images won't fit on the layout.


Theme info:

  • Released: 03 Sep 08
  • Version: 1.2.0
  • Code name: itheme (folder name for theme)

Installation Steps

  1. 1. After unzipping your theme download, put the contents of the zip file into your /themes directory in your silverstripe project.
  2. 2. To get your theme up and running, you’ll need to change one line of code in the _config.php file. You’ll find the config file in: ./mysite/_config.php:
  3. 2. Add the following line of code: SSViewer::set_theme('themename');
  4. 4. Once you’ve added the code, visit your homepage, and flush the cache (append ?flush=1 to the url). Your new theme should now be working.

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