Last Chance to Vote for PacktPub's 2011 Open Source Awards

Posted by Kerstin Schuman on 28 October 2011

There are only a few more days to vote for SilverStripe in PacktPub’s 2011 Open Source Awards. Public voting closes on Monday 31 October. We are proud to be a finalist in the Open Source CMS category. Last year we came in second and this year we are eager to take home the grand prize!

The PacktPub Award is arguably the biggest in the Open Source CMS world, recognising and rewarding the efforts of open source communities by a combination of public voting and a panel of judges to determine the overall winner. Winning this award means acknowledgement of the community for the value you have added by using the SilverStripe CMS, and contributing to its code, documentation, and community posts and comments.

If you use it and you like it, please take a moment to vote for SilverStripe in the Best CMS category and in the Open Source CMS subcategories. In particular, we pride the SilverStripe CMS on its ease of use and strong community involvement, which are fortunately standalone subcategories this year.

The competition is now open to public voting and is in its final stage, so cast your vote now as every vote counts! You will also go in the draw to win an Amazon Kindle. To read more about the competition, visit

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  • Will the 2012 awards be in October too?

    Posted by Bender, 3 years ago

  • Scratch that last comment of mine. I got it to load. Must have been something on my part. I see that Drupal took the title for the CMS category. Sorry, better luck in 2012!!!

    Posted by Shell60, 3 years ago

  • I've had an issue with the last hyperlink in the article. Not sure if it was posted correctly.

    Posted by Shell60, 3 years ago

  • Great job guys! Keep up the good work.

    Posted by Willy, 3 years ago

  • @restaurant scheduling; Unfortunately we didn't quite make it. You can see the results here:
    Feel free to follow us on Twitter to keep updated about everything that's happening with @SilverStripe. I wouldn't miss to fill you in for the results after all the votes we got. :)

    Posted by Kerstin, 3 years ago @silverstripe

  • So can we get an update as to whom won the grand prize? I searched but wasn't able to find out who won the award. I am a big fan of open source software and like how it helps to encourage one group to work off the ideas of another to create better and better products. Software applications have taken drastic steps forward during the past decade and I can't wait to see how much software will advance over the next decade.

    Posted by restaurant scheduling, 3 years ago

  • You have my vote a well. I am also proud your team has made it this far. Really good work.

    Posted by spelautomater, 3 years ago

  • It's good I managed to vote! Very thoughtful of you to inform us on the deadline:)
    You have my vote.

    Posted by PDF Editor, 3 years ago @FreePDFEditor

  • I won't miss this chance to vote!!!! Thanks for letting me have this possibility!!!

    Posted by Sandra, 3 years ago

  • IT was really the last chance to vote , and I used this possibility .
    Thanks for reminding me that .

    Posted by slot machines, 3 years ago

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