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Lucene search engine [v0.4]

Maintainer(s): Darren Inwood
Supported by: Community

This module allows you to harness the power of the Lucene search engine on your site.  It can index plain text, HTML, PDF files, and Microsoft Word and Excel documents.

It is easy to set up and use.

This plugin uses Zend_Search_Lucene from Zend, and StandardAnalyzer by Kenny Katzgrau.
Zend_Search_Lucene is a PHP port of the Apache project's Lucene search engine.
This extension is inspired by the wpSearch plugin for WordPress.

Some features of Lucene:

  • ranked searching -- best results returned first
  • many powerful query types: phrase queries, wildcard queries, proximity queries, range queries and more
  • fielded searching (e.g., title, author, contents)
  • date-range searching
  • sorting by any field



  • Latest release

    Version: [v0.4]
    Date: 2011-07-27
    Compatible with: SilverStripe 2.4
    Download: lucene-silverstripe-plugin-0.4.tar.gz

  • Older release(s)

    Version: [v0.3.3]
    Date: 2011-03-08
    Compatible with: SilverStripe 2.4
    Download: lucene-silverstripe-plugin-0.3.3.tar.gz

    Version: [v0.3.2]
    Date: 2011-03-04
    Compatible with: SilverStripe 2.4
    Download: lucene-silverstripe-plugin-0.3.2.tar.gz

  • Latest trunk build

    To get a preview of our next release, download the latest build of unstable trunk here. Please be careful: this is more likely to contain bugs, especially on modules undergoing a lot of development.

    Revision: #64
    Build Date: 2012-06-14
    Download: svn-trunk-r64.tar.gz

    Unstable Subversion access: https://lucene-silverstripe-plugin.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/


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