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MapWidget [v0.0.1]


Maintainer(s): ndtreviv

  • This widget allows you easily and simply insert a Google Map into the sidebar of your page.

    Simply drag the widget into your list of widgets-in-use for your widget page, then enter:


    1. A map name
    2. Latitude and Longitude Coordinates for the center of your map
    3. Some HTML text for your marker (placed at Lat and Lng entered above)
    4. A Zoom level
    5. Yes to allow users to get directions from the widget, No to disallow this functionality
    Then you're good to go!

    The widget renders the map in a 300px x 300px square. If "Enable directions" is set to "Yes" then it also renders a mini form with a single text field into which users can enter their source address, and a button that will fire off the directions request.

    Directions will be inserted below the map and may require styling.

    Each time new directions are requested, the directions panel is cleared and the previous route is removed from the map.

    Thanks Google, for being so awesome!


  • Released: 2009-11-27

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