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Posted by Joanna McLeod on 23 February 2011

Last Wednesday around fifty SilverStripe CMS users gathered here in Wellington to have some drinks, chat about what they’re up to, and learn from each other.

We started out the event with presentations from community members Tim Klein and Cam Findlay. Then, for the first time, we publicly presented information about SilverStripe 3.0, with Ingo Schommer giving a well-rounded summary of what we’re up to, then answering the many questions asked by those present. It was really great to be able to meet so many people who are all contributing to the open source project. It’d be nice if we could travel the world doing these presentations to all the SilverStripe communities, but in lieu of that, we’ve got videos and slides to share with you - feel free to ask questions in the comments if there’s more you want to know. We’re also planning to hold meetups every two months, with another Wellington meetup on April 13, with more details to come.

Making a SilverStripe site in no time - Tim Klein

Tim works at Kelp Design in Queenstown. He talked about how it’s possible to set up a SilverStripe site quickly, which might be particulary helpful if you’re fairly new to the software. Here is video of Tim’s presentation.

Here are Tim’s slides.

SilverStripe as a Business Intelligence System - Cam Findlay

Cam is studying business intelligence at Massey University, so it seemed a natural choice for him to speak about it.

Watch Cam’s presentation

SilverStripe as a Business Intelligence System - Cam Findlay from SilverStripe on Vimeo.

Check out his slides.

SilverStripe CMS 3.0 road map - Ingo Schommer

SilverStripe senior developer Ingo Schommer speaks about high level goals and ideas for SilverStripe CMS and Sapphire v3.0, and how we'd love to see our open source community stay involved and contribute.

In Ingo's talk, he frequently cites the SilverStripe Development Mailing list, which is at:​group/​silverstripe-dev.

Watch video of Ingo’s presentation and the questions he was asked afterwards.

SilverStripe CMS and Sapphire 3.0 discussion at Wellington User Meetup from SilverStripe on Vimeo.

View Ingo's presentation



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