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What you need to know when migrating your existing site to SilverStripe.

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  • wilsonStaff
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    Moving file from local server to distant server? Link to this post

    Hi, new to SS but not to websites. I did most of my sites with Adobe Dw and a used to move files from local to distant via FTP. I am a little puzzled about how do to this with SS.

    How do i move files from SS lcoal server location *htdocs/mysite* to a distant server?

    Via FTP from within SS?
    Via FTP a program like Fetch or any FTP program?
    What files to move?

    Any help/toturial/ressources appreciated.


  • CarterDigital
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    Re: Moving file from local server to distant server? Link to this post


    Not sure if you have this issue still but I'm sure there are a few others, like me who struggled with this at first.

    I've found the easiest way is to install a fresh copy of SS on the remote server by:

    • Download the files from silverstripe.org
    • Unzip and upload to your staging server using an FTP application
    • Create a database on the remote server and do an install
    • Confirm the site works
    • Upload your mysite directory and any modules assets etc to the remote site
    • Upload your database that you've created during development
    • Run a /dev/build and you should be done

    You can always just edit the .htaccess file after you've uploaded you development source files and database though if you're comfortable with that.

  • haantje72
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    Re: Moving file from local server to distant server? Link to this post

    The thing i mostly do from local to hoster is...

    First i install and make a site complete working local with all the extra's i want.

    then i backup the db on my local machine.

    install a clean ss in the hoster (i prefer normally the same ss version as installed on the local machine, but a newer version is normally no problem).
    After installation i download the mysite/_config.php and modify it with my extra's, upload it again and overwrite.

    Then upload with ftp (filezilla):
    upload my template and other modifications (exept my _config.php wich i allready modified)
    Upload the modules
    then upload the folder assets with all the images and files
    then i set (so i'm sure) the assets folder to chmod 755 (or 777 for some servers) and all files included

    Then i import the exported (local) db via phpMyAdmin

    run an dev/build?flush=1

    and (most of the time) it all works and have moved the site from local to hoster.

    If i just need to import lots of images i upload them with filezilla ftp and in files and images i check for new files and wait a while till the list gives me a notice ... files added and ... files removed.

    Hope this helps.

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