We've moved! You can find modules, themes and widgets on http://addons.silverstripe.org.
This page will no longer be updated, and disappear soon. Module maintainers, please read our announcement to find out how to add your modules there.


Modules can extend SilverStripe in many ways. From blogs to complex publishing on a static server, our free modules will make your site sing.

  • Supported by SilverStripe: These modules are developed and maintained by SilverStripe core developers. We test them for new versions of SilverStripe CMS and release regular updates.
  • Community-supported: These modules are developed and maintained by members of the SilverStripe open-source community. The individual module maintainers are responsible for testing their modules for new versions of SilverStripe.
  • Not supported: These modules don't have a maintainer and may or may not work with your SilverStripe site. They may have been created for specific projects or functions and have been made available for other developers to download and use.
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Thanks to all those who have volunteered their time to make modules, widgets and themes

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