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This is a forum for discussing SilverStripe can-do payments and their APIs / Gateways.

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  • Simmo
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    Return URL Link to this post

    Hi, I have been working on getting the PayStation gateway running, and am almost there, just having trouble with what the return url should be after a transaction has been processed by the gateway - currently i am trying sitename.co.nz/paystation/complete which is from the class in the PaystationHostedPayment.php file - however when the url gets passed to this with all the transaction string details on the end it gives me 'page not found'?

    class PaystationHostedPayment_Handler extends Controller {

       static $URLSegment = 'paystation';
       static function complete_link() {
          return self::$URLSegment . '/complete';

    The Paypal payment seems to use the same ie sitename.co.nz/paypal/complete and this works fine?

    Any ideas?


  • Simmo
    Community Member
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    Re: Return URL Link to this post

    Managed to sort this out (thanks to pointer from Bryan at Paystation), was missing the handler from the _config file in the payment folder....

    PayStationHostedPayment_Handler::$URLSegment . '/$Action/$ID' => 'PayStationHostedPayment_Handler'

    Good news is it all works perfectly now!


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