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Podcast Module [v0.5]

Maintainer(s): Howard
Supported by: Not supported

This is a simple podcast module. It features ajax pagination of the episode page and an RSS feed compatible with iTunes. Also is has options for individual episode notes and pages. Multiple Podcasts can be hosted on a single site.

This module allows for a Podcast (or many) to be hosted and managed easily through your SilverStripe website. 

  • Automatic RSS feed compatible with iTunes, includes Podcast Image, Description, explicit tags etc...
  • The Podcast page on your website includes a flash player for each episode as well as links to download it
  • Optional support for single episode show notes which can be displayed on an episodes own page
  • Uses the DataObjectManager module for multi-file flash uploading

Currently the flash player only supports mp3 files but additional support shouldn't be far away.
Most recent developments will be happening in the SVN trunk but I will update the zip file each time a major feature is introduced.

Very happy if anyone would like additional functionality to suggest it (submit an issue to the Google Code page) and even happier if someone would like to code additional features (again just submit it as an issue on the Google Code page).

Dependent on the DataObjectManager module and SWFUploadField module

Module screenshot


  • Latest release

    Version: [v0.5]
    Date: 2010-07-16
    Compatible with: SilverStripe 2.4
    Download: svn-trunk-r15.tar.gz

    Subversion access: http://silverstripe-podcast-module.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/

  • Latest trunk build

    To get a preview of our next release, download the latest build of unstable trunk here. Please be careful: this is more likely to contain bugs, especially on modules undergoing a lot of development.

    Revision: #15
    Build Date: 2010-10-30
    Download: svn-trunk-r15.tar.gz

    Unstable Subversion access: http://silverstripe-podcast-module.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/


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