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  • silverstripe_user
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    Custom pagetype template issue Link to this post

    Hello to all I just started using SilverStripe. I followed this tutorial http://www.silverstriperesources.com/articles/silverstripe-3-many-many-a-comprehensive-example/, everything is working fine except for the template part.

    I created the ProductCategoryPage.ss file in the layouts folder and added the given code but its not getting displayed in the site(I did dev/build?flush=all),the template code is working when I add it to the layouts/page.ss so I think the ProductCategoryPage.ss is not getting included. Am I doing anything wrong?Can someone please help me out.

  • martimiz
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    Re: Custom pagetype template issue Link to this post

    Note that that isn't an official SilverStripe tutorial despite the logo. This tutorial doesn't support version 3.1, and the template should really use <% loop %> in stead of <% control %>. The official SilverStripe tutorials are here: http://doc.silverstripe.org/framework/en/ (look at 5 for relation management)

    After changing templates, you should just ?flush=1, never mind the dev/build, that is for updating the DataBase and in the newest versions of SilverStripe doesn't seem to flush the template cache anymore (if I'm correct, not toally shure about that)

    Beside that: hard to tell what goes wrong, based on your information alone... Check for version and typo's/omissions in code and filenames I'd suggest


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