SilverStripe 3.0 preview 1 is here!

Posted by Joanna McLeod on 2 May 2011

It is with an enormous sense of pride, excitement, nervousness and relief that we are able to announce that SilverStripe 3.0 preview 1 has been released. This release is mainly focused on the separation of Sapphire as a framework from the "cms" module, as well as starting the new user interface implementation for the CMS. While most of the work is "under the hood", you should get a feel for how we plan to improve the authoring experience with the new interface.
Note: This release only supports the latest versions Google Chrome and Firefox, we’re in the process of adding IE support.

SilverStripe is introducing "preview releases" as a way to provide interested developers with an early stage snapshot of our work. Preview releases will be followed by "alpha releases", which contain most major API changes, and allows us to stabilise any API changes.

We’d love for you to download it, have a look around, and start contributing your code back to us. Have a look at our upgrading guide and the detailed changelog to get the full picture.

Our development team is currently working on the new ORM, which will allow more flexible data models and more expressive query syntax. Also in the pipeline: Dependency injection and a configuration framework to allow easier extension and customization of common framework aspects.

There is still a lot of work before SilverStripe 3.0 will see the light of day, and you’re welcome to contribute to these efforts. As a good starting point, follow discussions on new APIs on our developer mailing list, and discuss details on the new user interface there.

We'd like to thank everybody who helped with discussing, developing and testing this release, you guys rock!

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  • Wow this is a great resource.. Im enjoying it.. good article.Thanks for sharing this great article! That is very interesting I love reading and I am always searching for informative information like this.

    Posted by songfang, 3 years ago

  • Hi @felipeskroski,

    Of course such a major change splits opinions. Anyway i will never hate it. Because i like the sapphire framework very much and respect your efforts. I am sure you will make a lot of tests and adjustments until it goes live.

    Posted by Arda, 3 years ago @ayyurek

  • Hi teejay. We're working on the next release and we're hoping to get something out around the end of the year. To keep updated on SilverStripe 3 progress, check out


    Posted by Kirsten Moodie, 3 years ago @silverstripe

  • When do we get to play with a new preview. Its now months ago since something happend

    Posted by teejay, 3 years ago

  • Hi @ayyurek,
    Thanks for your feedback, I didn't understand exactly which 3 columns are you referring to but we're discussing all the changes intensively at our dev list!forum/silverstripe-dev - and we're designing in consultation with our community of developers, users and clients. Naturally such a change splits opinions, some people love and others hate. The current design is not set in stone, we'll do intensive user testing, and adjust it, before releasing to make sure the interface is usable and not confusing.

    Posted by felipeskroski, 3 years ago @felipeskroski

  • For long time I am trying to love the new interface. But no way.. I am sure it will better than the preview release but anyway it totally misses its ease of use. Using three columns in a CMS administration area seems very uncomfortable. I am not sure if I am the only one who didn't like the new approach, but the 2.x interface is one of the most successful cms interface in the market. The new interface is totally confusing. I hope we will have chance to continue with 2.x line.

    Posted by arda, 3 years ago @ayyurek

  • Nice! I love the new look. Some of the new features look very exciting like being to multi-select pages and batch publishing. Just 2 comments though...(1) It would be great if you could include the 'layers' button in the Tiny MCE Editor by default (2) I miss having the the site tree view open the entire time.. maybe i must just get used to it. Besides that I love it.

    Posted by optic, 3 years ago

  • This is very exciting! The gui screens are also looking nice (please let it be easy to customise). I see wordpress has influenced it a bit which is great.
    I also hope it will have a better documentation when released. Anyway great work - keep it up! Also just an idea but I know it's a bit far fetched. Have you though about adding support for mongodb / amazon simpledb / redis, etc. For sites that handle enormous amounts of data this would be beneficial (I know it's not easy to have it support a relational orm though).

    What I would also like to see is having a simple full-text search implemented, e.g. from the zend framework's lucene implementation, or the python based whoosh engine. Mysql fulltext, or sqlite, postgre is all different and use different sql keywords. Lucene would be the best and most closest, most simple to implement thing imho.

    Posted by pa-ket, 3 years ago

  • Yay! I am very excited about this. Lookinng forward to getting in and having a play. :)

    Posted by Luke, 3 years ago @lukef

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