SilverStripe 3 Beta 2

Posted by Sam Minnée on 20 April 2012

Sam Minnée, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of SilverStripe, has shaped the SilverStripe Suite and is part of its success story as an internationally respected open source CMS. Previously, Sam has posted about Duck Programming.

SilverStripe is proud to announce the release of beta 2 of the SilverStripe Framework 3.0 and SilverStripe CMS 3.0.

What's new?

As you might expect, beta 2 builds on beta 1. As well as a host of bugfixes, here are a few of the new features:

  • A "list view" for pages.  This has been a much requested feature and will be particularly useful to those who manage blogs and other sites with content that doesn't fit the nicely into a tree.
  •  Image insertion and media management have been improved, including an "insert from the web" option.
  • The usability of the tree view when editing content has been improved.
  • A new default theme, Simple, that responsively handles narrow (e.g. smartphone) and wide (e.g. desktop) layouts. (Demo.)
  • In 3.0, SilverStripe now works with PHP 5.3+ in order to take advantage of all the PHP 5.3 features.






If you want all the details, you can check out the full changelog.



What's next?

Next up, we are planning a beta 3 release.  A few of the things you can expect:

  • Now that we're 5.3+ only, we can make use of namespaces.  We will move the SilverStripe classes into PHP namespaces to reduce the chance of conflicting with other PHP packages you may want to incorporate into your project.
  • We've been running user testing, and we will take feedback from that and make more usability enhancements.
  • There will be more work to improve performance.

As always, we will be continuing the discussion on the silverstripe-dev Google Group and tracking our work in progress on

Want to get involved?

If you'd like to help us get from beta2 to stable, here's what you can do:

Thanks to everyone who has been involved with the development of 3.0 so far, we are getting very close!

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  • Don't get me wrong, I really appreciate your efforts of a slow, thoroughly planned development and to provide an outstandingly robust platform.

    But in my humble opinion it's time for a SS 3.0 final release. ;-)

    Posted by JCG, 2 years ago @jcgka

  • Simple and fast installation for me! No initial issues :)

    Page response times under 100ms on localhost.

    Posted by Sam Jarvis, 2 years ago @samthejarvis

  • You guys don't seem to have tagged 3.0.0-beta2 on github?

    Posted by Mo, 2 years ago @psychomo

  • Im having incredibly slow load times on the front, and back end. This is with a fresh install, and in both Chrome and FF.

    Wondering if its my server. Doubt it though, since the old SilverStripe worked fine.

    Posted by applesauce, 2 years ago

  • Dear shm,

    For the installation, not access directly to http://yourdomain/, but to http://yourdomain/install.php.

    When I accessed to http://yourdomain/ before the installation was competed, I got the same error.

    Posted by Yuki Awano, 2 years ago

  • @shm - This is a cache problem. Make sure you delete the entire cache for the domain before installing.

    Posted by Aaron, 2 years ago

  • Much more responsive (FF 11, Win7-64bit) than my first tests with SS3 Beta1. Highly appreciate the design changes made to the page tree. Some small layout issues here and there in FF11, but nothing really serious. Excellent job considering we are still in beta :-) Thumbs up.

    Posted by cwsoft, 2 years ago

  • just in time for the weekend :). Looking forward to trying out

    Posted by Ryan M, 2 years ago @WBGRyan

  • Great work guys, it's really coming together now, the new setup for page/tree editing is vastly improved over beta 1 and with a bit of tweaking is going to be really great.

    I'm getting excited now ;)

    Posted by Aram, 2 years ago @ssbits

  • Oh no, not again, I can't even install it :(

    PHP Version 5.3.10 (it doesn't work on 5.4 too)

    It's looking for files in sapphire folder.

    Warning: require_once(/home/shm/domains/ [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/shm/domains/ on line 82

    Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required '/home/shm/domains/' (include_path='/home/shm/domains/') in /home/shm/domains/ on line 82

    Posted by shm, 2 years ago

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