SilverStripe book available in UK

Posted by Sigurd on 11 November 2009

If you're a developer based in the UK or Europe, you now have much quicker and cheaper access to our fantastic developer resource, SilverStripe: The Complete Guide to CMS Development.

This is because and other UK booksellers now show the 456 page book as being in stock, meaning you no longer need to purchase via the US-based store.

Screenshot from showing the SilverStripe Book in stock


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  • The new English version of the SilverStripe book is out. This is great news. A first book for any open source project is a real milestone, not many projects get that far. I encourage the authors to publish it on the Internet, not for my sake, but for the community. We all know as developers the frustrations of poor documentation. Every time a developer hits a road block with their code, they turn to documentation; failing that they turn to a community for help. If after several failures they cannot get something working, it’s likely they’ll give up and try something else.

    Posted by Droid sales, 5 years ago

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