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SilverStripe is a robust and flexible website content management system tightly integrated with an application framework.  It is open source and embraces modern system architecture and agile development methodologies. Intermediate developers can implement powerful websites and web-applications quickly and customize them to their individual needs.

Buying the book

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Who the book is for

  • Professional website developers who want to build sophisticated websites and web applications. Experience with object-oriented PHP is a pre-requisite.
  • Those evaluating SilverStripe as a CMS: The book provides an overview of the content authoring interface, the underlying technology, licensing, the SilverStripe company, the open source community, and the history of the software, all of which is useful in evaluations. It also serves to aid organisations in prototyping their needs with the software.

What the book covers

Getting started with SilverStripe: Learn the architecture and usability principles that underpin SilverStripe's modern approach. Go through the technical requirements, the installation process, and useful tools for your daily work.

Learn the CMS: Practical examples show you how to use the CMS as a content author, and how to manage content, images, documents, and forms without technical knowledge. Administrators learn how to set up permissions and security groups.

Develop a custom application: Use MVC and other modern design patterns to create well structured, object-oriented PHP code and concise template markup. Work through an interactive recruitment website as practical example project.

Extend through clean code and modules: Understand how SilverStripe is built on modularity and how this empowers you to build plugins and core extensions in an elegant, maintainable fashion.

Use SilverStripe professionally: In-depth topics on internationalisation, security, unit testing, caching, multi-page forms, and web services APIs ensure that you can build world-class websites.

The Authors

Steven Broschart has been active for 6 years as an advisor and developer at one of Germany's leading online marketing agencies, cyberpromote GmbH.  Aside from developing PHP and Ruby on Rails business applications and coordinating key accounts for SEO, he advises his clients on selecting appropriate open source software. Steven is a regular author in relevant industry publications.

Ingo Schommer freelanced as a PHP and Flash developer for several years prior to joining SilverStripe in 2006 as a senior developer. At SilverStripe, Ingo has a key role architecting and implementing core functionality in the SilverStripe platform, and facilitates the involvement of the open-source community.

About the Translator

Julian Seidenberg has a background in developing web applications using PHP and Java and has worked in a variety of software engineering roles. He has a PhD in Semantic Web technology from the University of Manchester and is a developer at SilverStripe.

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