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Site Map Module [v0.1.5]

Maintainer(s): DesignCity
Supported by: Community

The Site Map Module provides an automatic, human-readable HTML site map page for your website. Can easily configure the Title, URL, page types to hide and permissions check. Includes 2 themes out of the box.

NEW AT 0.1.5: Allows data objects to be displayed on the site map as children of pages (overload Children() function on the parent page class to return the DO).

Simply copy the module into your root directory, run a dev/build and you're done. Navigate to yoursite.com/site-map and be pleasantly surprised.

Comes with 2 themes by default: a minimal theme (based on http://cssglobe.com/lab/sitemap_styler/02/) and a SlickMap theme (based on http://astuteo.com/slickmap/).

Can easily configure the following about your site map:

  • Site map page title
  • Site map page URL
  • Page types to hide on the site map (eg, ErrorPage)
  • Whether or not to display pages if a user doesn't have permission to view them
  • The theme - minimal (default) or SlickMap

More information and installation instructions in the readme file.

Module screenshot


  • Latest release

    Version: [v0.1.5]
    Date: 2010-10-14
    Compatible with: SilverStripe 2.3, 2.4
    Download: sitemapmodule-v0.1.5.tar.gz

    Subversion access: http://svn.designcity.com.au/sitemapmodule/tags/0.1.5/

  • Older release(s)

    Version: [v0.1.1 (SS 2.4)]
    Date: 2010-06-17
    Compatible with: SilverStripe 2.3, 2.4.0
    Download: sitemapmodule-v0.1.1.tar.gz

    Subversion access: http://svn.designcity.com.au/sitemapmodule/tags/0.1.1/

    Version: [v0.1]
    Date: 2009-12-07
    Compatible with: SilverStripe 2.3
    Download: sitemapmodule-v0.1.tar.gz

    Subversion access: http://svn.designcity.com.au/sitemapmodule/tags/0.1/

  • Latest trunk build

    To get a preview of our next release, download the latest build of unstable trunk here. Please be careful: this is more likely to contain bugs, especially on modules undergoing a lot of development.

    Revision: #11
    Build Date: 2011-02-14
    Download: sitemapmodule-trunk-r11.tar.gz

    Unstable Subversion access: http://svn.designcity.com.au/sitemapmodule/trunk


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