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  • FlyingIron
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    page order in menu Link to this post

    hi there!

    don't know if i'm using the right approach here. created the following structure


    mainmenu and footermenu are redirect pages to their first childpage. this is the way one does it in typo3 and I couldn't find a better solution with silverstripe. in my template I'm using ChildrenOf(mainmenu) and ChildrenOf(footernmenu) to include the two menues.
    please correct me if there is a better solution for this in silverstripe.

    the current problem is the page order. I've deleted the default pages and created the pages shown above. however in the footer menu page 6 is displayed before page5. I guess this might be a result of different ids in the database but I can't find these ids in the backend. I can't reorder the pages in the backend as well. Drag and drop reordering seems to only allow to change the level of the pages not the order. I'm really stuck with this.

  • Martijn
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    Re: page order in menu Link to this post

  • Sergi_Jini
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    Re: page order in menu Link to this post


    the link - http://doc.silverstripe.com/doku.php?id=recipes:page_selection_for_special_menu seems to be broken and it's posted in lots of articles.

    Is there alternative source for recipe?


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