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  • Jaap
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    Problem with Flash header Link to this post

    Hi guys,

    First of all, I'm a complete SilverStripe noob but I managed to get my first site running with this great CMS.
    I've got a small problem with my Flash header, everytime I go to a different page the movie starts playing from the start.
    Is there a way to keep it looping when browsing the site?



  • banal
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    Re: Problem with Flash header Link to this post

    Hi and welcome to SilverStripe.
    Embedded content like SWFs (Flash) or Movies always start anew with every page-refresh.
    There are several workarounds for this, but they are either complicated or a SEO nightmare.

    Here the possibilities I can think of:
    1) Create a frameset. Run the flash header in the top frame and the rest of your site in the frame below.
    Pros: Easy to do
    Cons: Really bad in terms of search engine friendliness, bookmarking etc.

    2) Load your site-contents via AJAX instead of reloading the whole site
    Pros: No frameset, other elements (like the navigation) could stay "static" as well
    Cons: Almost the same problems as with frames. Problem can be solved by using a deep-linking script like SWFAddress

    3) Keep track of the flash-position inside flash (by storing the "playhead-position" in a shared object or similar and restart the movie from there at every page-refresh)
    Pros: Website can be built as usual
    Cons: Requires some advanced flash skills and most importantly: Access to the flash source.

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