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  • bartvanirsel
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    Creating a page with different pre-defined elements Link to this post


    I have a question which can be more seen as a system design question for Silerstripe.

    All the pages in my site contain predefined items. With items i mean content with certain css values or flash in them
    which can not be easiliy administered using tinymce. An item for example can be a full width image with Sifr text on top,
    a flash movie in a flash movie player, 5 images next to each other, one image with text next to it which is Sifred etc.

    All the elements are predefined and i need to be able to order them and administer them when i select the page in Silverstripe.
    The thing is, this also has to support multilanguage option in silversripe.

    Posible solution?
    Should i use Widgets for this? As they are orderable and could contain all the predefined items?
    Is it better to let a page contain sub items which are visible in the site tree? (could be re-ordered there)
    Or is the best solution to extend Page and add some kind of options for administiring and reordering the predefined items in there?

    Hope you understand the question; if not let me know!

    Best regards,


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