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    Re: Custom vars in both PHP and SS templates Link to this post

    An old post, but if anyone is still interested:

    I found allthough something like <% if Top.SomeSetting = SomeValue %> will generate a parsing error, simple checking on true or false <% if Top.SomeSetting %> seems to work allright, meaning you could check on some Top setting from within a control structure and retrieve a sub property (in 2.4.5):

    // in the Page_Controler
    function isTheRightPage() {
       return ($this->Title == 'SomeTitle')? true: false;

    <% control MyObjects %>
       <% if Top.isTheRightPage %>
          <!-- do something with the object based on the page title %>
       <% end_if %>
    <% end_control %>

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