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  • studio6
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    sub page not working Link to this post

    Hi i have a template that im trying to move over to ss. on it there is a bit of flash at the top it all works well on the home pager but thats all. all the page are useing the same page.ss file so cant work out why this is. the funny thing is if i put the url in for any top lever pages but take the / off the end it will work but will not with the / and it will not work on any sub pagers. can any one help me im going nuts trying to work this one out.

  • 3dgoo
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    Re: sub page not working Link to this post

    I'm guessing in your .ss template you have code for your flash. And this is referenced with a relative path. My guess about the problem is the relative path is wrong on all pages, except the home page.

    Make the path to the flash absolute by putting {$BaseHref} before the rest of path.

    This is all a guess, let me know how you go.

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