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    How to organize/connect/link? Link to this post

    Hi guys, i am steep learning SS and honestly, it goes better than i thought it would. Ive had help form a mentor (which i thank) but i am submitting this to everyone as i want to have opinions.

    Look a the pic below. It describes better than words what i am after.

    - each gray button calls different content (that the end user would have to be able to modify - hello $Content)
    - each gray button is within an included MenuGrisNeuf.ss file into the main NEUF.PHP page
    - each gray button is within <ul< and <li> and is using <a href" to call other .PHP pages OR $content ( i dont know, you tell me!)
    - when called, the appropriate .PHP page OR the appropriate $Content has to be showned into the <div id="content"> on the main NEUF.PHP page

    - is it the right way to go? If so, how to CALL .PHP pages that will SHOW WITHIN the <div id="content"> ????
    - i could also insert a precisely located <div> into each appropriate .PHP and forget about <div id="content">

    - should i rather have only one sub-page to NEUF.PHP that will have different $Content areas that the end user will be able to modify?

    Thanks for helping!

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