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  • liece
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    Custom Breadcrumbs fatal error Link to this post

    I'm new to SS and object-oriented coding...

    been working SS advanced tutorial found on :

    applied it, and it worked perfectly on my machine, untill I uploaded the website on the production server, and their I get this error when I try to view a category page:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method Page_Controller::breadcrumbs() in /home/master/public_html/beta/mysite/code/CategoryPage.php on line 86

    the file in question CategoryPage.php is here below:

    class CategoryPage_Controller extends Page_Controller

    //Generate out custom breadcrumbs
    public function Breadcrumbs() {

    //Get the default breadcrumbs
    $Breadcrumbs = parent::Breadcrumbs();

    if($Project = $this->getCurrentProject())
    //Explode them into their individual parts
    $Parts = explode(SiteTree::$breadcrumbs_delimiter, $Breadcrumbs);

    //Count the parts
    $NumOfParts = count($Parts);

    //Change the last item to a link instead of just text
    $Parts[$NumOfParts-1] = ('<a href="' . $this->Link() . '">' . $Parts[$NumOfParts-1] . '</a>');

    //Add our extra piece on the end
    $Parts[$NumOfParts] = $Project->Title;

    //Return the imploded array
    $Breadcrumbs = implode(SiteTree::$breadcrumbs_delimiter, $Parts);

    return $Breadcrumbs;
    //hides the "show" from the url
    public static $url_handlers = array('$ID!' => 'show');


    I don't know what could be the issue, it probably should be related to the server's configuration, I can't see anything else because I got it from this great tutorial, and it works locally....

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