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  • Jeroen
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    [SS 3.0.5] Translation syntax for templates Link to this post

    I'm currently working on our first project on silverstripe 3.0.5. It's quite a big project for a first-timer on the new version of SS.

    Anyhow, I got a bit confused by the i18n documentation. It says we should use a different syntax for translating in templates: http://doc.silverstripe.org/framework/en/topics/i18n#usage-in-template-files

    In .ss template files, instead of _t(params) the syntax <%t params %> is used. The syntax for passing parameters to the function is quite different to the PHP version of the function.

    It turns out the <%t SEARCHBYNAME 'Search by name' %> syntax isn't working at all. Atleast, I didn't get it to work in my templates. Instead i used the old syntax: <% _t('SEARCHBYNAME','Search by name') %> which was working perfectly.

    My question is; what is the correct syntax and why isn't the syntax working as stated in the documentation?

  • UndefinedOffset
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    Re: [SS 3.0.5] Translation syntax for templates Link to this post


    The template syntax of 3.x requires you to namespace your keys unlike in 2.x. As stated in the documentation you need to do something like this instead

    <%t Namespace.Entity "String to translate" %>

    If your trying to so replacements with sprintf you now would do something like:

    <%t Header.Greeting "Hello {name} {greeting}" name=$Name greeting=$Greeting %>

    Documentation does show this but it doesn't explicitly say that what you have will not work.

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