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    Using tempalte parser renderWith by string possible? Link to this post

    For sending special emails I have added an email content field ("HTMLText") to siteconfig settings. Now I want to give me the possibility to use something like $Member.Surname within these field instead of using an email template.

    My current solution works by replacing these objects using:

    * Parse object references i.e. $Campaign.Title to "Your campaign name"
    * @param $string HTMLText
    * @return string
    private function parseString($string) {
    preg_match_all("/[\$]{1}[\w]+\.[\w]+/", $string, $match); // Find i.e. $Campaign.Title
    if(count($match[0])) {
    foreach($match[0] as $key) {
    $objects = array('Campaign', 'Task', 'Member'); // Parsing only these DataObjects
    foreach($objects as $class) {
    if(preg_match("/[\$]{1}".$class."/", $key)) {
    $parts = explode(".", $key);
    if(!$parts) continue;
    $name = $parts[1];
    $object = $this->{strtolower($class)};
    $value = $object->{$name};
    $string = str_replace($key, $value, $string);

    return $string;

    but now I need <% loop %> perhaps I can use something from the given functions like ViewableData->renderWith() by transforming HTMLText to a temporary template or you can tell me the "deeper" method to use my string directly?

    Only for information, I also use an basic email template to populate my $Content

    $content = $this->parseString($string);

    // Create mail
    $email = new Email();
    'Content' => $content

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