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  • Thyestean
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    Template problems! Link to this post


    I first tried to make my own template but on import it broke really badly so I decided to edit an existing template, just to mess around and see what happens..

    2 questions...

    1) For the life of me I can't insert a logo and change the "Your site name" to my test sites name!!

    2) Has anyone tried to implement Lightbox 2 into this cms, and have you gotten into work? I have tried but failed horribly.....

  • Ben Gribaudo
    Community Member
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    Re: Template problems! Link to this post

    Re #1 -- Did you use ?flush=1 ( i.e. http://yoursite/?flush=1) to clear the cache? SS caches template files. Simply editing a template doesn't automatically refresh the cache.

  • Howard
    Community Member
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    Re: Template problems! Link to this post

    1) As Thyestean said, if you are editing the template files you need to flush the cache. If you're just starting out with silverstripe it is worth going through the tutorials http://doc.silverstripe.com/doku.php?id=tutorial:1-building-a-basic-site

    2) I have implemented lightbox effects without problems but if you are looking for a gallery module which is a lot simpler than building it yourself then have a look through this forum thread which has the latest work on the new Gallery module http://www.silverstripe.org/all-other-modules/show/250910

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