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  • bmc38119
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    Resize Image with ThumbnailWidth value from DataObjectSet Link to this post

    I am have tried this many different ways and cannot seem to get this to work.

    I have a class ProductView that extends DataObject and has a 1-to-many relationship with a ProductPage. The ProductView class contains a field for ThumbnailWidth (numeric) and a has_one relation Page_Image. In my template, I loop through the ProductView DataObjectSet and am trying to output a resized version of the Image according to the maximum ThumbnailWidth that has been entered in the CMS.

    I cannot seem to figure out how to retrieve the ThumbnailWidth value of the ProductView within the Page_Image class. I obviously need a get_one statement, but i cannot seem to grab the ID of the ProductView once i am in the Page_Image class. Does anyone know how to do this?


    class ProductView extends DataObject {

    static $db = array(
    'ViewTitle' => 'Text',
        'ViewDescription' => 'Text',
        'ThumbnailWidth' => 'Int'

       static $has_one = array(
          'ProductPage' => 'ProductPage',
          'ViewImage' => 'Page_Image'

       public function getCMSFields_forPopup()
          return new FieldSet(
             new TextField('ViewTitle', 'Title'),
             new TextareaField('ViewDescription', 'Description'),
             new NumericField('ThumbnailWidth', 'Thumbnail Width (pixels)','150'),
             new ImageField('ViewImage', 'Image')



    <% control ProductViewOther %>
    <div style="padding-right:20px;float:left;">
    <a class="thickbox" rel="ViewImage" title="$ViewTitle" href="$ViewImage.URL"><img src="$ViewImage.ProductPageThumbResize.URL" /></a>
    <% end_control %>

    ProductViewOther method in ProductPage.php

       * Product View Other - For Product Page
       function ProductViewOther() {
          $doSet = DataObject::get(
             $callerClass = "ProductView",
             $filter = "`ProductPageID` = '".$this->ID."' and `ViewMain` = 'No'"
          return $doSet ? $doSet : false;

    Page_Image class on Page.php

    class Page_Image extends Image {
       function generateProductPageThumbResize($gd) {
    <---need to get ProductView ID here so I can retrieve ThumbnailWidth value and assign $newWidth--->

             return $gd->resizeByWidth($newWidth);


  • bmc38119
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    Re: Resize Image with ThumbnailWidth value from DataObjectSet Link to this post

    After hours of trying to figure this out, finally got smart and looked to see how Image Gallery module handled this. ended up being a very easy solution (i could have sworn i tried this before posting, but maybe had typos in my code):

    added the following method to ProductView.php

       public function ViewImageThumbnail()
          return $this->ViewImage()->SetWidth($this->ThumbnailWidth);

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