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  • hiks
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    access user parameter Link to this post

    Hi again,

    I added this to my page.php

       function MyLang() {

          return Translatable::current_lang();

    and now I can use <% MyLang or $MyLang in my templates. Don't ask why, I need it in my templates^^
    But now, there's a new problem:

    <% control LatestPost(2) %><% MyLang ...

    MyLang isn't working anymore, I think cause of the <% control %>. But why? MyLang is in Page_Controller in page.php, the template and the control both inherits from Page_Controller (xxx extends Page_Controller). Why is MyLang not available? There's no error, it just seems to be empty, also

    return "en" . Translatable::current_lang();

    won't return "en".

    Other possibility, can I use hierarchies in <% %>? Something like

    <% Level(1).MyLang %> // <<<<< this will throw an error

    I've given up now, don't have any idea... Also _t(...) doesn't work, it always retruns default string.

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