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  • Happysadhu
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    Demo "See Theme in Action" not working... Link to this post

    Since my ticket submissions seem to get no reply, I'm posting this in the Forum.

    Many of the demo themes link to the same theme, which is not the intended theme (The Balance theme at http://www.silverstripe.org/themes?start=0).

    For example, select "See Theme in Action" link for the theme Global at
    http://www.silverstripe.org/themes?start=9 and you will shown Balance instead.
    This happens for many of demo themes.

    If we hope to make SilverStripe a more popular CMS, we need to attended to the sadly neglected themes section:
    1) Make the live demos work
    2) Add more themes with greater functionality (e.g., editable one, two and three-column layout options, dynamic sidebar/footer content, etc.).

    For all of 2009, there appears to be have been only seven new themes added. Many people,
    when selection a CMS, will look at the demo theme section to see how and what the CMS can do. For example, when I discussed the advantages of SilverStripe over Wordpress with my friend, he said "Ya, but does have any good themes to work from". Don't get me wrong, I am appreciated of the themes already submitted to SilverStripe. I just think the selection could be greatly expanded upon.

    Once I have gotten a good handle on SilverStripe, I plan to submit a theme. I would encourage anyone else to do the same.

    My two cents,
    Sam Mller

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