The SS Theme Contest: Your opportunity to design the default theme for SilverStripe 3.0

Posted by Kerstin Schuman on 13 January 2012

It's Friday the 13th, time for some excitingly scary stuff, like an #SS3 design competition!

SilverStripe Ltd and Bluehouse Group are proud to announce the release of the SilverStripe Theme Contest.

If you are a web designer who is keen to see your design used by thousands of people out there and receive recognition from a high class panel jury, then you should jump on board!

How does that sound? Sweet as!

But how does it work?

  1. You create a fully functioning theme based on SilverStripe 3.0 alpha 2 and submit it to our Facebook application.
  2. You encourage all your friends and family to vote for it.
  3. The jury picks your theme as the winner.
  4. Your theme becomes the new default theme for #SS3. Your name is on the installer and the bottom of the admin interface.
  5. You become famous. (Well, at least in the SilverStripe community!)

If you need help on how to build a theme on #SS3 you can check out @_UncleCheese_’s [Aaron Carlino] screencast, or have a look at what Paul has done so far in terms of themes for #SS3.

Who are the judges?

Tom Coates knows the web and is THE man when it comes to discovering web trends. Tom did product development for Yahoo, BBC Radio & Music Interactive, and, and has written for publications such as The Guardian. He lives in SF, USA.

Eduardo Cesario is a graphic designer, photographer and professor from Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 2005, he founded his own independent project, Criatura Creativa Studio. He has built numerous websites and themes on SilverStripe and has an extensive experience with the CMS.

Brice Dunwoodie is the founder and CEO of Simpler Media Group, Inc., the publisher of the popular web magazine.

Josh Turner is currently the Art Director at Bluehouse Group in Richmond Vermont, USA. Josh has been working in web/interactive design for over 10 years.

Felipe Skroski is the Creative Director at SilverStripe Ltd and makes sure that only the best design comes from the house of SilverStripe. Felipe started working with the internet in 1997 at the graphic design university in Curitiba, Brazil. 

What’s the story behind our connection with Bluehouse Group?

At the CMS Expo in Chicago in April last year, Sigurd Magnusson and I met with Aaron Carlino, who works for the web agency Bluehouse Group.

While talking about community involvement for #SS3, Aaron had the idea of setting up a Theme Contest. Great idea, we thought. Let’s go for it! Bluehouse Group works very professionaly and we value their work.

"As a designer, I look for a syntax that jives with the presentational markup I am already familiar with, and Silverstripe has that. We thought other firms and designers should know about this too, so a theme competition seemed the most fitting way to promote it".

So there you have it. Be in to create and vote for the next default theme for #SS3. This is your time to shine with the support of field experts and the SilverStripe community!

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  • Don’t design for everyone. It’s impossible. All you end up doing is designing something that makes everyone unhappy

    Posted by logo designer, 3 years ago @diya

  • Can we include Google Web Fonts?

    Posted by Victor Hernandez, 3 years ago

  • Can we add custom content for the gallery picture to illustrate how the various HTML tags are rendered or should the gallery picture only contain the default content in the installation?

    Posted by Victor Hernandez, 3 years ago

  • No JavaScript dependencies are allowed. That excludes using HTML5 boilerplate, to bad...

    Posted by SilaSan, 3 years ago

  • @Sally: We really just want to get as many submissions as possible right now. The design itself is the number one criterion. Once we have the winning theme we can look at making it compatible with modules, but for now, we want to keep the requirements to a minimum to make it as accessible as possible to a wide range of designers.

    Posted by Uncle Cheese, 3 years ago @unclecheese

  • hey so how many pages need to be designed and coded? If its a default theme, presumably it will display semi-cohesively all ss modules right? thats a pretty huge undertaking... I was thinking about submitting a blog theme..

    Posted by Sally, 3 years ago

  • @Jeremy: Themes do not contain code, so decorating the SiteConfig model is out of scope. The standard SiteConfig variables ($Title, $Tagline) can be used, however.

    As far as module coverage, there are no requirements, but any popular modules such as blog or ecommerce that you want to include are welcome. We're being careful not to include too many requirements so that we can make sure we have a nice batch of submissions to choose from.

    Posted by Uncle Cheese, 3 years ago @unclecheese

  • I have not been following SS v 3 closely, but will be now!

    Can the theme have some SiteConfig variables? I think it would be really cool to have a theme that allows for multiple color schemes, and maybe even basic grid options.

    And yes, same as @dospuntocero question, what modules should it cover?


    Posted by Jeremy, 3 years ago @dynamiteinc

  • whats the milestone for delivering the new theme?
    ahh... all the information is inside the Facebook app.

    Posted by francisco arenas, 3 years ago @dospuntocero

  • the new theme needs to cover some modules? say news, or features like banners, etc?

    because the current base theme doesn't have HomePage for example, you need to add it by yourself.

    I think it will be easier if we add some definition on this matter or the final theme will be poor... i can provide some modules to help on the base site, like banner rotator / showcase, multi column information and simple contact form. i think that could cover a base working silverstripe site

    Posted by francisco arenas, 3 years ago @dospuntocero

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