Theme Contest: The Game Changer

Posted by Kerstin Schuman on 27 January 2012

You should never move the goal post after the race has started, but this is an exception that should work to your advantage.

I figured that you might need more time to get a full theme up and running. I understand that you all have a lot of other stuff on your plate, and that it might be hard to find the time you would need to get it done.

Unfortunately, I can’t extend the deadline any further since that would put the entire SS3 release schedule at risk. But we've decided to start off with basic design submission, with your code being sent to us within the week following. This gives you the chance to start casting votes while you are still working on turning your design into a fully working theme.

So how does it work:

  • Upload your design as a screenshot now and start casting votes
  • The public voting ends 12 February 2012
  • The top 5 winners have until 19 February to send in their code to
  • If your code isn’t in by 19 February, we'll unfortunately have to exclude you from the contest
  • We will announce the winner on 20 February 2012
  • All submitted themes that are fully developed will be part of a theme module for SS3

Technical requirements

I know we said we didn’t want you to use Java Script, but since we've had quite a few people complaining about it, we've decided that you can use it if it helps you to build a proper theme. But please bear in mind, we encourage usability rather than flashy effects.

Please let me know if there are any further concerns.

The prize

I am still reluctant to throw in cash because open source is a lot, but not about money. So I decided to give you some sweet toys to hack and play with. And yes, in cases where you built your theme in a team, you will both get one each. (But two is definitely the limit.) That way, you don’t have to share custody!

So here’s what's up for grabs, on top of the kudos from a high class panel jury and getting your name out there:

1st Place

Samsung Galaxy Tab (10.1-Inch, 16 GB, Wi-Fi)

-Android Honeycomb 3.1
-Dual Core Tegra 2 processor, 1GB RAM
-Wi-FiTM, 802.11 a/b/g/n 2.4GHz, 5GHz
-Memory Capacity: 16GB
-Display: 10.1" WXGA (1280x800)

2nd Place


The “NXT” generation of buildable, programmable robots is here!

3rd - 5th Place

NZD $50 Apple i-Tunes voucher

I hope that helps you get cracking and give your best for the default theme of SilverStripe 3.0. Goodluck!

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  • @Kertsin. No probs. My worry with facebook comps is you can literally buy 'likes' (eg, and join 'voting' clubs. It's really not the fairest system, but in the end you have 5 pretty good designs to choose from, and like you say, yes, the final few a judged by real people...

    Posted by Jon, 3 years ago

  • @Jon, I am sorry I accidentally deleted your comment in the backend and couldn't get it back. :(
    You said that you didn't like the facebook voting mechanism because there would advantages for those who have a lot of facebook friends.

    I commented on that before, and I still believe in it, that the best design will win. We keep asking the community and our network to vote for the favourites and I believe that the community is big enough to make up for any cheating that you might think of. Also this process is just a first selection process. The final call is with the judges.

    Apart from that I certainly know that all designs deserve kudos. They are all good and I am glad that I don't have to make the call about who the final winner is.

    In the end all submitted themes will be part of the SS 3.0 theme module, so no one will be forgotten.

    Posted by Kerstin, 3 years ago @silverstripe

  • Sorry for any inconvenience we might have caused with the app over the weekend. It is now up and running again. Thanks for your patience.

    Posted by Kerstin, 3 years ago @silverstripe

  • We were hoping to submit a theme design today, but the FB app is returning a fatal error.

    Posted by Matt, 3 years ago @mattbailey

  • Hey guys,
    I was just about to submit my theme but your facebook app apparently has hickups:

    Fatal error: Uncaught GraphMethodException: Unsupported get request. thrown in /app/www/src/base_facebook.php on line 1050

    Hope you'll get it up and running in no time.


    Posted by Sara, 3 years ago @saratusar

  • @Sascha; We chose facebook for the Theme Contest because facebook makes it easy to install a voting mechanism.

    We defintely don't want to exclude anyone from the contest because of the fact that we are using their platform. If you want to enter a theme please send it per email to and I will put it up on your behalf.

    I hope that helps.

    Posted by Kerstin, 3 years ago @silverstripe

  • Good thing with the theme contest, I'm looking forward to the results and hope that SS3 gets a really outstanding frontend finish, fitting the great product that it will be.

    One caveat I have is that you have to register at facebook to follow this contest and that's a no-go for me.
    Why did you - as an open-source company - choose such a delicate platform that locks out potential participants?
    Maybe I belong to a very small minority, but perhaps there are others out there that don't want to register at facebook just for the contest's sake?

    I love Silverstripe and your work, but am quite interested in the reasonings behind that decision :)

    Posted by Sascha Koehler, 3 years ago @saskoh42

  • I just added a theme but the Facebook app added it three times - can you please delete two of them?!

    Posted by Neil Creagh, 3 years ago

  • Sweet. Expect my contest entry next week insa'Allah. :)

    Posted by Lamin Barrow, 3 years ago

  • My god, I really want that lego!

    Posted by Sam Jarvis, 3 years ago @samthejarvis

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