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  • kcd
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    Re: Theme Change Problem Link to this post

    Oh, me too!

    One suggestion for _config

    // This line set's the DEFAULT theme. More themes can be
    // downloaded from http://www.silverstripe.org/themes/

  • wagonlips
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    Re: Theme Change Problem Link to this post

    Thanks, Sunnybex!

    Clicking the site root (just above "Home" in the Page Tree) reveals the theme drop-down selector in the main edit window of the CMS. Very nice.

    I find that I can actually comment out the line in /mysite/_config.php and it still works just fine.

    // SSViewer::set_theme('whatever');


  • bdgraphics
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    Re: Theme Change Problem Link to this post

    A quick tip if you are not seeing your theme in the drop down list for the CMS; Do not add any underscores (or perhaps any special characters) to the theme name.

    As soon as I changed my folder name from: "theme_name" to "themename", I could select it and it worked.

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